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Weekly Newspaper in Murmansk region


Welcome to newspaper Karavan Objavlenij in Murmansk region (Caravan of Advertisements).


Karavan Objavlenij is a free weekly newspaper in almost the whole Murmansk region and reach approx. 550.000 inhabitants. Newspaper Karavan Objavlenij is spread via supermarkets in cities Olenegorsk, Monchegorsk, Apatity, Kirovsk, Kovdor, Poliarnie Zorie and Kandalaksha.


The newspaper is owned by “Kola Travel”, a Russian tour operator owned by a Dutchman who lives for more then 12 years in Monchegorsk, the centre of Murmansk region in Northwest Russia. The need for Kola Travel to publish a newspaper, is simply to advertise its own travels on a reliable way in its own region.
In addition to the ads of Kola Travel, regional and foreign companies can advertise in Murmansk region. The advertisements of foreign companies are clustered and published on a special page.
Beside publishing advertisements we also help our advertisers with the design of the Ad and foreign advertiser with translation to Russian language. These services we offer free of charge.

Beside the ads newspaper Karavan Objavlenij contains regular features like TV-programs, horoscope, crossword puzzles, recipes and information from local authorities and companies. That keeps the reader interested and keeps the newspaper in its vicinity throughout the week.

The newspaper is published every Wednesday and Thursday evening the newspaper Karavan Ads is available for her readers!

You can read newspaper Karavan Objavlenij every week ONLINE, mostly on Thursday already.

For planning your Ads in our newspaper you can use the Public and School Holidays Calendar for Murmansk region and Russia on this website.

The first Karavan Objavlenij is printed!
The first newspaper Karavan Objavlenij was printed on 30-03-2012!
Office newspaper Karavan Objavlenij in Monchegorsk
Office newspaper Karavan Objavlenij in Monchegorsk; the centre of Murmansk region in North west Russia.
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