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Weekly Newspaper in Murmansk region


How to advertise in Karavan Ads in Murmansk region?


Local and foreign companies can simply place a advertisement in Murmansk region via newspaper "Karavan Ads" by sending a request by email.

You are free to send us a complete design or just text, company logos and photos. Our redactor will inspect the material, creates (if necessary) and send a design suitable to your company by email back for approval. After approval the Ad will be published on the requested dates. Deadline for giving ads is Tuesday before 13:00 o’clock local time.


Requirements for request:

  • Company name, address, contact person, telephone number and email address.

  • Amount of Issues: The more issues ordered in one time means more discount (Up to 40%)

  • Size of ad.

  • In which issues the ad must be published. You can give dates, week numbers of issue numbers.

  • Colour print or black and white

  • Preference for page number or fixed place on a page.

Full colour printer, bending and cutting equipment for Newspaper
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